Gal Gadot: our #powercrush Wonder Woman on and off camera

Posted on Sep 9 2017 - 7:00am by Hazel T

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We don’t call Gal Gadot wonder woman for nothing; she is a marvel on and off camera. Just in case if you are wondering, what ‘wonder’ in real life, I will call it the “X-factor” here.

Like all celebrities and influencers out there, Gal Gadot has her own charm, or rather, her own X-factor.

Some regard Gal’s natural beauty as her X-factor.

Not all of us can be crowned Miss Israel and compete in the Miss Universe contest at the age of 18. To grace the covers of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Entertainment Weekly, Cleo, and FHM covers on a regular basis can also be challenging. Others see Gal’s success itself as her X-factor.

Starting out as a model for various brands like Miss Sixty, Huawei smartphones, Gucci and Jaguar Cars, Gal was ranked fifth on the list of “50 most talented, intelligent, funny and gorgeous Jewish women in the world” in 2012.

Gal Gadot also beat six other actresses for her role as Gisele Yashar in Fast & Furious.

As the movie Wonder Woman continued to soar in success, Gal took it to an even higher level when she was considered to be the ‘Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls’  at the United Nations on 21 October 2016, the character’s 75th anniversary. This was in support of United Nations’ sustainable development goal No. 5 which aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by the year 2030.

But, her looks and achievements were not enough. Gal Gadot also faced criticism as she was described as “too small” or not “busty” enough to be the Wonder Woman portrayed in the comic books.

Many were also unhappy at the United Nations’ decision to make Wonder Woman a gender empowerment icon as the character is not considered to be “culturally encompassing or sensitive” and to a certain extent, it is thought to objectify women.

In fact, Gal acting career did not start off as smoothly as thought. She did not get the role as Bond girl in Quantum of Solace and her salary was also believed to be a lot lower than Henry Cavill, who acted Superman in the movie ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’.

In face of all the body shame comments and other backlash, Gal took it all with a pinch of salt.

Gal’s humble nature does not end here; she dedicated her early years to the military training which she had received at the age of 20.

As military service involves a team effort, it had enabled her to learn discipline and respect. She believes that this was also the reason why she was selected for Fast & Furious as the director wanted to make use of her weapon and combat knowledge.

Other than that, Gal is a loving wife and doting mother. She never forgets to thank her loved ones. She also once consoled a crying little girl during a fan meet and she dressed as a mermaid, singing and dancing to raise fund for needy children too.

All of this tells us that having an X-factor is having more than beauty and success.

Be humble, be magnanimous even in the face of criticism, have a loving heart and treasure your family and friends; all of this will make you a special, powerful person.


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