Bianca Petry: How those dreamy Tumblr pics became her reality!

Posted on Sep 5 2017 - 8:40am by Mia Gardner

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Bianca Petry is a Brazilian beauty babe who travels the world and inspires people for a living! She is an impressive social media influencer and her style is next level! This chick looks like she could snap up a modeling contract in no time. However, Bianca started out on Instagram and her loyal followers keep her grounded. In addition to this, she’s got a fan base of 160K and it’s growing every day.

Bianca Petry

You will not believe your eyes when you see her majestic lifestyle because it really is something special. So, come with us, let’s dive into her insta-worthy world of luxuriousness and see everything it entails!

Bianca Petry

Bianca Petry: Her Instagram Lookbook

Her style is so captivating that every picture she posts is immaculate and breathtaking! She knows how to dress well and pair her outfits with the most lavish accessories. This elegant hunny has earned enough money for herself to shop without looking at the price tag…

We are #MajorlyJealous because she can make everything look out-of-this-world. Bianca pulls of the ‘rock biker chick’, ‘evening sauve’, ‘sporty gal’ and that daytime ‘I’ve-just-come-from-a-magazine shoot’ looks! She’s also giving us major Katherine Jenkins vibes too!

She isn’t afraid to invest in designer pieces either, whether it’s a Chanel bag or Luis Vuitton purse. She’s also able to mix and match them together to create some exquisite outfits. Her flawless figure and polished makeup look make her pretty irresistible and the way she speaks Portuguese is something else!

In addition to this, Bianca Petry is a huge beauty junkie and has recently ventured into the land of YouTube!

Her baby-soft skin and luscious locks are heavenly and really do make her look like a Brazilian goddess. Consequently, we would sure love to take a sneak peak into her vanity to have a cheeky glance at all of her lush products. If you’re looking for some interior inspo, her Instagram is the place to be.

The Dream Lifestyle

She has collaborated with interior design companies and it’s no wonder they’ve taken such an interest. Her home is entrancing. She inspires that many people that a company decided to create a custom-made suite in honor of her for their showroom.

After waking up to a Tumblr-esque paradise every morning, she lives out her days doing fabulous things. We often spot her going for lunch with friends and her mysterious boyfriend in gorgeous cafes and restaurants! With a loving and supporting boyfriend in her arms too, could her life be any more perfect?

Being a promoter of fashion brands, no matter how big or small, has proven to be an amazing career path for Bianca. She works with lots of Brazilian clothing companies and is able to expand her wardrobe with a variety of pieces. Whether it’s personalised shoes, dainty accessories or bold statement pieces, she can pull off any and every look!

This also means that she is able to travel the world looking as stylish as ever! Being famous and social means that things can only get bigger and better for Bianca. Whatever other careers she decides to go into she’ll always have her adorable following behind her. Of course, snapping up pics of designer goodies for the gram is bound to keep anyone interested… If anything, she’ll only be gaining more to add to her collection.

Bianca Petry

Her whole life looks like a montage of being the world’s highest paid model but she’s achieved it all through social media! We are crushing on this South American girl and are feeling #TotallyInspired! The world is her oyster and we’re sure that many amazing things are yet to come. We’ll keep you updated!

Cr: Instagram @bianca_petry

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