What is Melania doing whilst husband Donald Trump is preparing for war?

Posted on Aug 31 2017 - 8:16am by Mia Gardner

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We know what you’re thinking… Does Melania Trump have any say towards her husband’s plans of going to war with North Korea? Ultimately, we all know that she is the current First Lady of the United States. So, we’ve been wondering just how involved she can get into the nitty gritty! Are you intrigued and wanting to know more about the role she plays in all of this and her duties?

Melania Trump

Well, we’ve got all the information you’re looking for right now including a brief overview of the latest drama. All of sudden, we’ve been left on the edge of our seats about whether or not a war is brewing…

A breakdown of what happened:

  • North Korea has shown advances in nuclear weaponry and missiles
  • Donald Trump informed us via social media that military solutions are now fully in place
  • Apparently, America would attack first in order to destroy some of NK’s ammunition
  • Trump’s reaction has put many people in fear that a war is going to take place sooner rather than later
  • Allegedly, the North Korean leader wants to break America’s alliance with South Korea
  • Other countries are now speaking out; China said they may intervene if America strikes first

Melania Trump

Melania Knauss’ Rise To The Top

Besides that, the couple may be married but what everyone wants to know is her opinions. On the other hand, on a slightly controversial note, many people refrain from supporting Donald Trump’s actions. In addition to this, large groups of the public have negative assumptions about the President and his team already.

Firstly, we thought we’d find out how they started swimming in the same circles as Melania immigrated from abroad many years ago.

Melania Trump

Melania was born in southeast Slovenia and has matured to become a very intelligent young woman. We discovered that she can actually speak English, French, Italian, German, Serbo-Croatian, and Slovene. Above all, her career as a model played the biggest part in how she got to where she is today. So, she began modeling at just five years old and years later then signed with an agency in Milan.

Melania Trump

She met a friend of her future husband who was scouting for models at the time and offered to represent her. Melania moved over to New York in the late 90’s and later gained a work visa. It wasn’t long until she met and married Trump. She went on to work and appear in In Style Weddings, New York Magazine, Avenue, Philadelphia Style, Vanity Fair and Vogue.

Melania Trump

A High-Profile Life After Marriage

On her way to becoming America’s First Lady, she got herself into a few bits of drama here and there… With many people bitter about Obama no longer able to remain as President, people went out of their way to pin pick and find anything negative they could about the couple.

A video of her went viral on social media when someone compared one of her speeches to one of Michelle Obama’s from a few years back and it looked as if she copied her word for word.

Melania Trump

In addition to this, she also sued Mail Media because they released an article suggesting that she used to be an escort during her modeling days. As the current First Lady, this was detrimental to her reputation both professionally and privately as she is a mother. Therefore, she sought $150 million in damages! This woman sure goes after what she wants.

Melania Trump

However, it turns out that whilst Melania holds the title of First Lady, her power is limited. This is because she’s not an employee of the government or a government official. Therefore, she is not involved in any of the decision making and can only offer Donald her thoughts.

She has admitted in the past that she does voice her disapproval if she is against any of her husband’s actions. Despite this, she knows Donald will go ahead and do what he wants in the end which is why people tend to have a love/hate relationship towards him.

Melania Trump

What is Melania Trump doing right now?

She once told The New York Times that she would like to help women and children mainly along with other issues. In today’s society, with lots of people loving and using technology, she wants to help combat cyber bullying.

However, at the moment we haven’t seen or heard much from her since her vacation to Paris. Perhaps this means that she is working away on new projects or simply enjoying the summer with her family. Actually, we did her tweet about the recent tragedy in Charlottesville.

She agrees that ‘no good comes from violence’, but wouldn’t that mean she is anti-war? Well, with the summer coming to a close, maybe we’ll start seeing a lot more from this First Lady!

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