The Mulberry Story: a fashion #boss making heritage sexy

Posted on Aug 31 2017 - 7:00am by Samantha Robinson

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Everyone loves a good, inspiring success story and you can’t go far from wrong with Mulberry. A heritage brand that’s literally got women fighting over its latest designs, but how much do you really know about how it came to be? And just what is in that Somerset water that’s got us women going so crazy over its designs? To start with, there’s something about British Heritage that gets fashion fans swooning, and Mulberry with its strong Somerset themed design and manufacturing story nails exactly that. Streamlined throughout its entire communications’ strategy, it has you feeling like part of a British family. You can even meet its UK based Craftsmen and feel like you genuinely know the brand thanks to a quick scroll down its Instagram palette.

Image via @mulberryengland Instagram.

Despite Mulberry being founded by Roger Saul, it’s widely acclaimed that Designer Emma Hill who came to the brand after stints at M&S, Gap, Burberry and Marc Jacobs was the one who really turned it into a fashion powerhouse. Quite frankly. She made it sexy!

She’s got quite the fashion credentials too, after studying Art and Fashion in London, she initially went on to study in New York and Paris. All that major fashion capital experience can’t hurt a brand. Most importantly, she’s recognised for the lucrative celebrity endorsements that she’s brought to Mulberry, and of course, being the creator of the Alexa and Del Rey handbags. They’re no longer part of Mulberry’s current collection but still have an army of followers tagging theirs on social, like in the pic below. 

Image via @chanapha.i Instagram

Then along came Cara. When this young supermodel’s career was booming, Mulberry was quick in snapping her up as their ambassador, campaign star and of course launching a namesake after her. The backpack style design infused the brand with a youthful burst of energy without compromising the brand’s DNA. Young, fun and quirky just like the model herself. 

Image via @mulberryengland Instagram.

Over the years, Mulberry has yielded quite the iconic pieces with its classic Bayswater becoming almost an emblem of Britishness. From grannies to models, everybody owns one and that of course also includes those with the coolest of fashion credentials like Kate Moss.

It has to be the perfect fusion of craftsmanship and simple style that’s made them such a go-to, and got so many brands trying to replicate something similar, but what makes their ‘it’ bags so unique? Each is always crafted in the brand’s Hero colours of oak-wood brown and black with limited edition colourways always cropping up. The most famous Mulberry bag is perhaps the Bayswater, a symbol of the brand’s leather heritage but perfect for the modern woman with its classically feminine aesthetic. It’s classic flap and mini lock closure are features which draw people to this style.

Image via @mulberryengland Instagram

But who said you can’t reinvent a classic? Not Mulberry, that’s for sure. Their Designer Johnny Coca even dared to reinvent the Bayswater by brightening up that hardware and making its design even more sleek and practical. Mulberry proves time and time again that you can keep such a classic, heritage brand relevant and that’s exactly why people with a range of different styles continue to style up a Mulberry.

It’s also interesting to see that any design revamps don’t actually deter those who sport a classic attire either as they continue to keep on sharing their classic OOTDs.

A fearless Designer like Johnny Coca is exactly what Mulberry needs and we can’t wait to see what other re-designs and collaborations that he’s got in store for one of our favourite long-standing heritage brands. Here’s to many more years of creating everybody’s favourite go-to.

Instagram Image Cr: @mulberry, @signetrier, @a0fee.

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