Janine Wiggert shows us how being #InstaFamous transforms lives!

Posted on Aug 29 2017 - 8:00am by Mia Gardner

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Janine Wiggert is a German blogger and influencer with an immaculate and sophisticated sense of fashion. She’s all about looking good and promoting a never ending list of fashion brands; she’s also very into the beauty industry. In addition to all of this, she loves to show her followers how they can achieve a similar style whether it’s with the clothes she’s sporting or her latest makeup looks. You’ll find her life fascinating, so, let’s take a look!

Janine Wiggert

Janine Wiggert: Her take on fashion in social media

Firstly, we think that she is the ultimate social media influencer with nearly half a million Instagram followers! And secondly, Janine has come incredibly far on her journey to the top and she’s working hard to get there. She has collaborated and created affiliate links with so many different brands, how dreamy? Above all, this business-oriented chick’s worth ethic is amazing. So, Janine Wiggert is simply unstoppable!

Some of the brands we often see her advertising are Catwalk Connection and Beyond Limits. Janine is always right on trend, so, it’s no wonder she’s built up such a large following. Young fashionistas are always looking for the next big thing and she always has the answers.

On her Insta we see Janine wearing a lot of stuff from Missguided and Miss Pap, both of which are some uber trendy social media based clothing companies. If you’re feeling her look, we guarantee that you can find some of her favourite pieces on there. Who needs to go window-shopping when you can practically gain all your fashion inspo ideas from taking one look at her Instagram?!

Fashion, fashion and more fashion: Janine’s Personal Style

This German babe’s style is definitely cute but chic and trendy. Consequently, she’s giving us major girl-next-door vibes so ladies, it’s time to lock your men indoors if you were thinking of going on vacay to Berlin anytime soon! This blonde bombshell has an amazingly slim yet curvaceous figure. We’re #MajorlyJealous because she could rock a paper bag and still look gorgeous one way or another.

Makeup and her best beauty bits…

Janine Wiggert also promotes makeup goodies from brands like ARTDECO Cosmetics along with a range of other random bits and bobs. She’s a sucker for ‘definitely-not-on-a-budget’ hair extensions from Foxy Locks that go up to just under £200! Anddd breathe…

Janine is also into nutritional products including healthy tea’s that are a big thing right now! There are a range of tea’s on the market like FitTea that have been said to be a good detox and can even burn fat. If you fancy trying any out be sure to let us know what you think!

Janine Wiggert

Her #Instaworthy Travelling Antics

We’re always up-to-date on all the hottest hang outs and places that Janine is visiting. This beauty works hard so that she can save up her hard-earned dollar to go on some fantastic holidays!

Janine Wiggert is a big fan of the Maldives as we saw her hanging out at Constance Halaveli Resort looking absolutely stunning! We can’t possibly understand how she looks so incredible even abroad on holiday! Do luggage limits not exist for gorgeous social media influencers like Janine?! How is this possible, just how?

She’s also been to all the popular hangouts for influencers to get some breathtaking snaps for the gram. We’ve seen her in Paris, of course, and the infamous Melrose Avenue in Calfornia!

Another amazing thing about our crush, Janine, is that she can pretty much rock a white pair of trainers with any outfit and still has legs for days! This girl is our fashion WonderWoman… We hope you’ve been able to feel just as inspired as we do of this young woman’s amazing lifestyle. Just remember, we’re all human if she can do it, so can you.

Janine Wiggert

Stay sassy chickas!

Cr: Instagram @janinewiggert


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