Faryal Makhdoom: Who’s really behind her public feuds with husband Amir Khan?

Posted on Aug 23 2017 - 7:04am by Mia Gardner

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Faryal Makhdoom is blowing up our social media feeds with the latest drama between her and hubby, Amir Khan. After having to deny the recent cheating claims her life hasn’t been running as smoothly as it once was. However, she finds herself frequently dealing with drama despite the fact she once hoped to live a more private life. Has it finally got to a point where they can’t turn back?

Faryal Makhdoom

Are you wanting to find out more about this stunning young woman? Her relationship may be on the rocks but their young daughter, Lamaisah, and her business ventures are what keep her going.

Update: Her Relationship With Amir

This beautiful American-Pakistani woman married Amir Khan back in 2013. Unfortunately, she encountered many problems on the way. Firstly, the most recent drama has been the social media feud accusing her of cheating. Someone created fake messages between her and Anthony Joshua! In addition to this, it looked as if they had known each other well and been friendly before the break-up.

Faryal Makhdoom

Despite this, Faryal very candidly said she hadn’t even met Anthony. They had a very public falling out when Amir blasted the news all over Twitter because he thought it was true. It wasn’t long until he apologised because Anthony threatened him with legal action. However, people love drama and have been chipping in here, there and everywhere, which isn’t actually anything new.

Faryal Makhdoom

Our wise beauty princess has finally addressed the situation and is ready to move on with her life. We’re sending our love to this young woman for being the bigger person. We also think she is very brave because she does whatever it takes to give not only herself but her daughter the best quality of life. We’re rooting for Faryal and are backing her all the way.

Interesting fact: It isn’t actually the first time the couple is experiencing people stirring trouble. Having a relationship in the public eye inevitably brings drama but the way she deals with it has always been amazing.

Family Feuds & Previous Problems

Our hearts went out to Faryal when she appeared on This Morning last Christmas speaking about Amir’s parents’ sudden disapproval. On a very public level, a few months into the engagement, her fiance’s siblings were slandering her on social media also. She felt that his parents were against her plastic surgeries and sexy fashion sense!

Faryal Makhdoom

This gorgeous lady only ever wanted an easy family life with the man she loved and her baby! We felt motivated by her because she decided to pursue a career and prove everyone wrong who referred to her as a golddigger. In addition to this, a family member or ex-employee was suspected to have leaked Amir’s sex tape from years back! Faryal Makhdoom is incredibly courageous to deal with this and move past it, don’t you think?

Who is the real Faryal Makhdoom and what does she do?

Faryal lives a super glamorous and luxurious life and maybe the jealousy sparked from this is what provokes the drama! She recently launched her own cosmetics company after becoming well-known for her iconically flawless makeup looks. This 26-year-old also has an amazing sense of fashion and is able to connect with so many of her followers.

She embraces the clothing inspired by her religion and culture as well as global high-fashion trends! Faryal also uses social media to show off her style and we often see her inspiring her followers and offering them recommendations. She promotes brands including Lesilla, American Apparel and House Of CB.

Shoes, accessories, and makeup are totally her thing too; we’d love to take a look into her closet, we bet it’s unbelievable! Faryal is super passionate about cosmetics and has taken inspiration from Becca, Anastasia BH and Mac. Her makeup line is definitely a work in progress and we can’t wait to see it blossom into something amazing.

This New Yorker has spent lots of time traveling the world whether she’s in Cali or London, she has famous friends everywhere! From the likes of Drake to British Drama sweetheart, Michelle Keegan, Faryal has so many people supporting her!

Faryal Makhdoom

Her life has consisted of a lot of hard work and it has paid off. Those Christain Louboutins certainly don’t come cheap. We are #PowerCrushing on Faryal Makhdoom because her determination along with her kind-hearted personality together make her a dream woman.

She shows us that if you push through the hard times you’ll come out of it as a better person. Who knows what will happen with her relationship; could they get back together? We’ll keep you updated!

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