How Michael Kors snapped up shoe brand Jimmy Choo FOR £896M

Posted on Aug 22 2017 - 7:30am by Samantha Robinson

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Who’s wearing Michael Kors the best? 1)Kate Hudson 2) The model 3) Jourdan Dunn

Image via @michaelkors Instagram.

Image via @michaelkors Instagram.

Image via @michaelkors Instagram.


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There’s no denying that the fashion business is a tough cookie to crack. For those who manage to create a desirable fashion brand, however, the sky is most definitely the limit, and that couldn’t be any more true than for Michael Kors. A real rag to riches kind of story.

Image via @michaelkors on Instagram.

Hard to believe that a design school dropout from Long Island has gone on to create such a powerful brand that’s now buying Jimmy Choo, one of the longest standing and biggest players in the luxury shoe industry. The price tag? A cool $1.2 billion (£896 million). The kind of cash that we all have lying around, right? 

Image via @jimmychoo Instagram.

So just how do you create one of the most powerful fashion brands in the world that has women falling in love with its designs over and over? Well, it seems that a fashion degree isn’t everything. It’s hard work, raw talent and let’s face it, who you know. Michael Kors may have dropped out of his course at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology but he still managed to launch his very own womenswear range in 1981 which debuted in the likes of Saks and Bergdorf Goodman. Not too shabby a deal for your first official collection!

Selling his beautiful designs aside, Kors is clearly never one to miss a trick and jumped at the opportunity to appear as a judge on Project Runway. Growing brand awareness of his designs and also for himself as a celebrity. A very clever move!

Michael Kors’ designs have always been a huge hit with of the moment celebs which has helped the brand to boom and gain quite an extensive global following over time. Still, its success hasn’t been without its setbacks. Losing support from investors over the years has seen him file for bankruptcy but he’s always managed to re-strategise and bounce back. Always proving that hard work and determination are key to success in the long run.

Kors believes that the real key to success is expanding your line so that you cover every size of woman and price point. Covering clothing, handbags, accessories, jewellery and even perfume, there really is something for everyone. I love a brand that is accessible to everybody as there’s nothing worse than loving a particular designer and then realising that you’re going to have to save for the year until you can treat yourself to a piece. So, let’s delve a little further and take a look at his different product offerings and who’s loving Michael Kors’ designs.

Catwalk shows and exclusive events see a mix of different celebs opting for Michael Kors’s designs. From the more discerning and none the less beautiful women like Bette Midler to fresh from the womb catwalk models like Jourdan Dunn. Proving that his designs span the ages when it comes to choosing a flattering yet on trend outfit.

There’s no denying that just around about everybody has a Michael Kors handbag in their wardrobes. Their covetable designs and accessible price points in hand with being spotted on all of the right celebrities has made them a firm favourite amongst the masses. Model Jourdan Dunn starring in one of the brand’s recent summer campaigns has no doubt also added fuel to the shopping fire will a little helping hand from her own social media influence.

Not content with his current success, which is a sign of a true entrepreneur, Michael Kors has also extended his influence to the perfume industry as his new scent encourages us to #MagnifyYourSexy. 

But what else drives Michael Kors to be a success? He loves women and they love him back. His designs have become more powerful as these women have allowed him to use their brand and their shape to create jaw-dropping fashion delights. Take a look at this dress that he created especially for actress Elizabeth Banks. 220 hours and 625,000 sequins later and this creation was done!

But who needs patience when you have a strong friendship? This can be said the same for his relationship with actress Blake Lively, a best friend who he competed with in the #GlamourGames.

It goes without saying that actress Kate Hudson simply shines in this simple yet energetic outfit. Michael Kors says that he is proud to call her his friend and a muse. He shows us that success comes as you begin to involve others in your success and use them to grow your brand.

And it’s not just celebrities who are loving the designer right back. There are an army of fans tagging their latest Kors moments on social in a plethora of varying styles showing Kors’ wide-reaching appeal.

And that doesn’t exclude the guys either as they are also tagging their favourite Kors’ OOTDs thick and fast!

So, there you have it, a brand that has something for almost everybody and is growing day by day thanks to the determination and hard work of its founder Michael Kors. Now let’s see what happens within the world of Jimmy Choo.

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