Natalia Sikorska: How the aspiring model is overcoming her shoplifting scandal

Posted on Aug 21 2017 - 7:10am by Mia Gardner

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Natalia Sikorska is a 28-year-old Polish model and actor based in Chelsea, London. She recently found herself in a spot of bother as she was caught shoplifting from Harrods… oops? Despite this, she miraculously got around it and the court gave her another chance. She is fairly new to the country and has a lot to learn. However, what is super interesting is her immaculate education records and her glamorous lifestyle. So, are you feeling confused yet?

What really happened?

  • Natalia attempted to steal £1,000 worth of designer goods including a Markus Lupfer jacket, a pair of Claudie Pierlot shoes, a Pinko handbag and a silver knife
  • She was caught on the ground floor of Harrods, consequently whilst still on the premises
  • When appearing in court she pleaded guilty at the first opportunity

This turned out to be the best decision she could have made because she bagged herself the most lenient ruling. The judge let her off lightly because he thought she had a bright future ahead of her. For most other people they would have been imprisoned as shoplifting is a major crime in the UK.

Natalia Sikorska

Above all, the judge set her free with the condition she does not re-offend over the next 12 months and fined her a total of just over £100.

Who is Natalia Sikorska?

This Polish model actually studies business management and economics at the University of Westminster. In addition to this, she carries out some work as a business development manager. It’s obvious that she does, in fact, seem to have a successful future ahead considering her achievements. But, has she learned her lesson?


She was still active on social media even up until the day before her court case… could this have been a publicity stunt to get her name out there? You decide. Well, out of all the items she could have stolen she chose some of the classiest, go big or home right?

Natalia also claims to have experience as a presenter for business news and she’s appeared in a few music videos. This aspiring celeb fled to England at a young age in hope to live a different and better life. She claims her parents were religious and restricting so she flew the nest.

Her Previous Adventures

Natalia Sikorska

You may be wondering why this 28-year-old has only now decided to go to university. This is because she has spent a big chunk of her life traveling the world. If she had the money to travel the world, why would she need to steal designer clothes? – is the question on everyone’s lips right now!

Well, prepare yourselves to be amazed because this chick has seen it all.

New York, California, and Miami are just a few of her fave places in America that she has explored. This young woman should be proud to have visited tourist hotspots even if she was on a budget!

How will Natalia be moving forward?

Firstly, as a university student, lots of the people she knows will find out about this mess she has found herself in. We’re wondering if this will make her more popular or could potentially hinder her chances at future employment or progression.

We’re also predicting that Natalia is working her way towards involving herself in philanthropy. This is because we have noticed that on her Instagram she has donated to charities like Nu Start. With a passion for helping children in need, could there have been other motives for her shoplifting? For example, to make more money to live this lifestyle…

Ultimately, Natalia Sikorska dreams of living in America either in California or New York. However, they do not take criminal convictions lightly. Luckily for her, she’s been given another chance and has a good education and work experience supporting her.

Will she turn her life around? We want to know your thoughts.

Photo credit: @nata_siko

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