Our newest #GirlBoss crush: Why We All Want to Carry Coach

Posted on Aug 16 2017 - 8:00am by Samantha Robinson

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Let’s talk Coach. Appreciating the design and craftsmanship about a brand is one thing but once you get to know a little bit more about its history, that’s a whole different story. That’s when you resonate and the true love affair really begins!

That’s what happened to us when we delved a little further into the story behind one of our favourite accessory brands, Coach. Its heritage dates back to 1941 and can you believe that the founder was inspired by the design of a baseball glove?! With a little helping hand from some Artists, he launched a collection consisting of 12 carefully crafted leather handbags. We’re not sure if we can ever look at our favourite pieces in the same way again!

So, from such basic beginnings, how did the Coach brand get so big? The success of Coach has been largely attributed to today’s Executive Chairman, Lew Frankfort who initially joined the brand as the Vice President of Business Development in 1979. He took sales of the brand from the millions to the billions of dollars but most importantly, it’s the transition from a tiny local manufacturer to a premier, global American accessories brand that’s got everybody wanting to covet its latest styles which counts the most! Hello 2017 and #CoachXSelena! 

The global superstar Selena Gomez has been snapped up to front the Coach Fall 17 campaign which of course focuses around the Selena Grace bag. Anybody who’s really made it has a namesake, and with Selena’s army of fans, she’s the perfect choice for attracting even more brand awareness for Coach… But can they even get any more famous?

Selena co-designed the bag and much like the Popstar herself, the statement satchel embodies her empowering, free-spirited attitude. It’s a piece that you can easily work into your wardrobe yet make a statement.

An Instyle magazine exclusive shoot with behind the scenes shots can’t hurt either! It’s summer and we need a new getaway bag that we know would work for poolside cocktails.

It’s so cool that the brand always reinforces its American heritage, and shoots on the subway make it even easier to visualise your next commute to work bag. This shoot also infuses the classic style of the bags with a little urban cool, which never hurt anybody! Hands up if it’s got you wanting one?!

Other than Selena, Coach has its own gang of celebrities who want to make it a success. Actresses Rowan Blanchard, Chloe Moretz and Suki Waterhouse are some of these stars showcasing the effervescent Coach style at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards.

What’s more, Coach doesn’t just achieve global appeal for us girls, the guys are in on it too! It’s often a struggle buying a bag for that special guy in your life, and if you’ve ever really searched for guy bags, stylish yet practical ones are few and far between. That’s where Coach steps in. Campaign shoots like this, are going to get your guys internet shopping almost as much as yourselves.

What’s inside every true fashionista’s handbag? Your go-to eau de toilette of course! Coach is capturing the market in this area too.

Its sleek bottles are calling to be seen with and refreshing fragrances make them easy to wear for any occasion.

Finally, the perfect collaborations and being seen on the right Fashion Bloggers are key for any brand. A great example of Coach’s eye for detail comes in the form of their past Disney collab. Now, who doesn’t love Disney? That’s taking their cool handbags into a whole new covetable realm. It’s kitsch and when leading high Fashion Bloggers like La Petite Anglaise review the collaboration, you know you’re onto a winner! 

So, we’ve seen exactly what’s got us all loving Coach so much, and can’t wait to see what they do next to further strengthen their brand.

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