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Posted on Aug 10 2017 - 5:05pm by Samantha Robinson

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Image via @foundrae on Instagram.

Image via @foundrae on Instagram.

Image via @foundrae on Instagram.

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Falling in love with a brand that’s new to you is one of the best things ever. It becomes even sweeter when you learn that they are a brand with core values at heart. Fine jewellery retailer FoundRae, co-founded by husband and wife Murat and Beth Bugdaycay has just that


As Creative Director, Beth wanted to create a brand that helped to empower others. So expect iconic spiritual and mystical symbols finally intertwined into each designs’ DNA.

Women are a key inspiration for Beth and their stories of how they came to be. She wants her jewellery designs to be something that the wearer can use to express something about themselves to the world. Attention to the finer details is therefore key. Think star embellishment meaning achievement, or arrow detailing symbolising launching forward. There’s a symbol for almost anything that you’re going through and perhaps there’s no better way to subtly tell your own story to the world.


From a first glance at the fine jewellery brand, its pieces are beautiful and very stylish and that alone would usually be enough to make you want to covet. When you delve a little deeper however you realise just how empowering Beth’s design mission is.

Quite beautifully put on the brand’s website itself; ‘When you wear one of these pieces, you are announcing to yourself and to the world that everything you want and everything you want to be is already there. All you have to do is claim it’. Her underlying message is that we all have the power to become braver, bolder and whole. It’s the wisdom which we gather from our journeys along the way which enables our capacity for change and growth. Her Belcher Medallion for instance, offers protection against our inner voices of self-doubt. Key for pushing forward and promoting growth.  

Everybody goes through uncertain times or extreme life changes and it’s nice to think that Beth is drawing upon her own life journey and building a brand which aims to truly inspire and empower others.

To delve a little further into the inspiring Beth’s story, she had always been a fan of reworking vintage jewellery for herself and had always spoken about one day creating her own jewellery line. She was however working for Rebecca Taylor and had just signed up for another 3 year contract, and that’s exactly when she realised that she needed out to pursue her own dreams.

So, she dove and handed in her notice. It’s such a brave thing to do for somebody who admittedly doesn’t like change. So much so that whilst working her contract the overwhelming fear of venturing into the unknown gave her both vertigo and anxiety, things that she had never suffered from before. She even confesses to being so stressed that she lost weight and was stuck in bed for 3 days! With the support from her husband and friends however, she pushed forward and decided to channel her own emotions into her designs. Naturally, her very first ring design was ‘Fuerza’ ‘strength’.

The brand covers a host of different categories such as rings, necklaces and bracelets. Plus with collections like Karma, Strength and Protection, it’s easy to choose something that feels entirely bespoke to you. It could even be as simple as subtly displaying passion with their Crossed Arrow Medallion. Seemingly with the customers’ best interests at heart, they even offer lucky charms with the goal of helping to create a little more luck in such uncertain times. The real idea, however, is to encourage the wearer to create their own luck. Now, how empowering is that?!

A beautiful brand mission aside, now we want to know who’s wearing it? We’ve spied quite a few of the fashion elite picking it up, from A-List celebs and winning Instagrammers to influential fashion mags.

Yes, that’s the influential Journalist Pandora Skyes styling up a piece, who has 155K off her own strong Insta following!

A brand that’s both empowering and stylish, I’m ready to join the fash-pack’s latest obsession, how about you?!

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