#Power Crush: Miranda Kerr, from Rags to Riches

Posted on Aug 3 2017 - 7:25am by Hazel T

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We all know about the wedding that took place on May 27th that took place between Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel. We are also aware that a luxurious honeymoon has already taken place as she was back on the runway on June 1st.

Photo credit: @mirandakerr

In one of her latest Instagram pictures, we can see Kerr backstage of the Moschino Resort Collection show in a hot pink bomber jacket. Here she is readily flashing her platinum diamond ring for all of us to see.

Photo credit: @mirandakerr

So, you might get the impression that life was always easy for this Australian beauty. But, you couldn’t be more wrong.  The industry predicted Kerr’s success rather early. Too early. About a decade ago, she was already believed to be the next Elle Macpherson but the 175cm tall girl-next-door with clear ocean blue eyes and trademark dimples remained nonchalant, despite these predictions. Perhaps she knew things were not easy to come by.

Photo credit: @mirandakerr

Kerr was just about to turn 14 after winning the Dolly magazine model search competition. She flew herself to Sydney for the shoot as this was a huge opportunity for her. However, others did not share her excitement. She was criticised for the incorrect portrayal of young girls’ fame. It was thought that she encouraged paedophilia since she was a young girl dressed in a bathing suit. What would you do if you faced this setback at the start of your career?

Photo credit: Yahoo Lifestyle

This early setback did not deter the Australian beauty from going on to walking the runway.After receiving considerable commercial exposure as a runway model, she set her entrepreneurial sights on New York. Here she started her career as a business woman by co-owning the Bowery Ballroom, a music venue in Manhattan.

Photo credit: The Bowery Ballroom

It seemed that her luck turned in New York.  She started appearing on different shows and advertisements for various brands ranging from fashion to television programme, as well as the cosmetics firm – Maybelline.

Photo credit: Taaz.com

Kerr’s career continued taking a turn for the better when she joined Victoria’s Secret in the year 2007, replacing Gisele Bundchen. She became the first ever Australian angel and her success did not stop there. Her influence continued growing as she made the occasional guest appearance in sitcoms. She also published a book called “Treasure Yourself” which raised awareness for the endangered Koalas.

It is so important to see that Kerr did not remain content with her existing success. She wanted to keep on learning and improving her career prospects. And we thoroughly respect her for that! It is more difficult to think about other ways to expand your career when the money is already rolling in. You can just become content with what you have and not realise it could be gone tomorrow.

Before she started her modelling career, Kerr briefly studied nutrition and health psychology for 18 months at the Academy of Natural Living near Cairns.

Photo credit: @mirandakerr

In 2009, she used this knowledge to add another branch to her blossoming career. She started her own organic skincare brand KORA Organics with George Moskos. This was a series of 21 certified skincare products made solely from organic and natural ingredients. Currently, the brand is still selling out across Australia and notably in David Jones, a local upmarket departmental store.

Photo credit: @mirandakerr

Kerr must have known that she was at the height of her power a year later. This was when she was chosen exclusively by casting directors Ashley Brokaw and Nicolas Ghesquiere for the Balenciaga spring 2010 runway show. This was closely followed by other designer brands such as Prada and Jil Sander. In 2011, Kerr continued breaking the mould. She became the first pregnant model for Vogue while she was six months pregnant with Flynn, her son.

Photo credit: Sttylista

In 2013, her personal life took a toll as she divorced English actor Orlando Bloom. Her professional life also took a tumble as she failed to renew contracts with both David Jones and Victoria’s Secret but she picked herself up yet again. By early 2014, she was the new face of H&M.

Photo credit: Fashion gone rouge

Two months later, Kerr released her first music single online and subsequently graced the covers of many well-known magazines. In 2015, she also dipped into the jewellery market when she collaborated with Swarovski to produce her own collection.

Photo credit: @mirandakerr

Kerr has her good and bad days, just like everyone else. She continued modelling in the high end fashion world with brands like Givenchy and Joe Fresh but she also continued to face controversy. The January/February issue of Australian Harper’s Bazzar was removed from supermarkets because she posed naked for the cover.

Photo credit: Rediff

Kerr is a lively and warm person on social media. She is not obsessed with selfies as one would have expected of a diva. She would rather do a group selfie with her work colleagues, show us an aspect of her family life with her mother and grandmother, and of course, her new love.

Photo credit: @mirandakerr

At work, Kerr is more than professional. She sells the products and uses herself as an example to convey the real definition of style to you.

Photo credit: @mirandakerr

From designer brands to mom jeans, Kerr is a multi-tasker with a daring personality. Like many others before and after her, Kerr enables us to have a better understanding of what it is to be a real supermodel. At the end of the day, she is also a mother, a daughter and a wife. Just like you and I are. We have to overcome all no matter what happens.

Photo credit: @mirandakerr

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