Jena Frumes: The Fitness Queen of L.A.

Posted on Aug 3 2017 - 10:25am by Mia Gardner

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Jena Frumes is living the ultimate glamorous lifestyle in California and she looks incredible. In fact, her daily life is that amazing, she has been able to make her living through social media. Ultimately, capturing picture-perfect snaps and posting them all over Instagram must be everyone’s dream job!Her life is simply mesmerising! So, we have found out everything you need to know about this fitness queen. Firstly, can we just take a moment to appreciate how naturally beautiful she is?!

Jena Frumes on a jeep in hollywood

Cr: Instagram @jenafrumes

Who is Jena Frumes and what is she up to?

Jena is a Calfornia girl who uses Instagram to network and be creative with her main aim being to motivate other women. Meanwhile, she is able to focus on her personal style whether that’s experimenting with clothes or hair and makeup. This girl is at the top of her hair game. We know the struggles of having naturally curly hair and it’s not an easy job. Yet her hairstyles always look fierce.

Her figure is unreal and has got us all #MajorlyJealous, however, she didn’t achieve this without putting in a lot of hard work. On her Insta, she loves to flaunt her figure and inspire other women to achieve the body they want! With a strong fitness regime and a healthy diet, Jena claims this is all you need to keep on track.

Jena Frumes’ Fitness Frenzy

She is one sporty chick and she has worked hard to build up her very own following of 2.1 million followers. As a result, Jena promotes the diet brand products she loves so she can recommend them to her squad! As a matter of fact, she even gets paid for it #GettingThatDollar.

A couple of the brands she loves promoting are Fit Tea and Hybrid Boost. Receiving an unlimited supply of products whilst getting paid to use and show them off… well, it’s a win-win situation! Jena goes after what she wants and her hard work sure does pay off. She has a figure to die for and her skin is always glowing. Her active athletic side fits in perfectly well with her passions for beauty and fashion. For this reason, she is always able to ensure she looks absolutely flawless.

The Glitz and Glamour

This L.A. babe is giving us serious 90’s fashion feels! Her personal style is so sexy yet elegant at the same time. Everyone wants to be her. What better way to flaunt your wardrobe than snap pics of your fave outfits? Whether Jena’s posing in front of fancy cars, looking out from balconies or having her own mini catwalk, her Insta pics are on #fleek.

SmokSho Jena Frumes T-Shirt

Photo Credit: SmokSho

In addition to this, Jena teamed up with SmokSho to create an incredible line of merchandise with her face and body all over them. Congrats to the pair of them as the collection is sensational! We also suspect even more fashion collaborations from her with cool underground brands in the future because she is just breath-taking.

We are definitely crushing on this curly princess and we can’t wait to see what she gets up to in the future. Jena Frumes; keep doing what you’re doing and inspiring all of us along the way. This gorgeous girl has taught us to never give up on our dream or goals however big or small they may be!

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