Abby Dowse: The Aussie Fitness Bunny

Posted on Aug 2 2017 - 5:25pm by Mia Gardner

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Abby Dowse is a gorgeous Australian fashionista, beach lover, and personal trainer! She has stunned us all with her powerful natural beauty that is almost unreal because her skin is dreamy. As a result of her good looks and the body she has worked hard to achieve, she is able to promote herself as a brand via Instagram. Her profile is incredible, so, we are crowning this beauty as our official ‘Selfie Queen’ of July 2017.

Abby Dowse naturally pretty

Cr: Instagram @abbydowse

Who is Abby Dowse and why is she so amazing?

Abby is the master motivator for young women, all it takes is one look on her Insta. She spends her time posting an infinite amount of selfies to her 500k followers. As a result of this, she has won over our hearts because we can’t stop drooling over her incredible figure. She has achieved immense fitness goals and she has got us all feeling #MajorlyJealous. Attention: Extreme ‘Belfie’ alert!

It goes without saying her booty is just something else and she always works hard for what she wants. This uber trendy Aussie chick is always keeping up to date with current trends. Strangely enough, even though we know how beautiful she is, it’s almost as if every selfie trumps the previous one!

The Fashionista Within

Abby knows how to pick the clothes that cling to her figure and bring out all her assets in the best ways. In addition to this, we think she is super fashionable because we can see her following popular trends inspired by those classic Tumblr pictures. Above, we see her sporting the floral embroidery, high-waisted fishnet tights, and extremely distressed jeans trends and she looks amazeballs.

She was able to use her social media to build a name for herself and an incredible life, her bedroom is almost as glitz and glam as she is! Brands throw their clothes at Abby Dowse left, right and center because what she wears sells. It’s no wonder because her whole aesthetic is ‘blonde bombshell’. A couple of the brands we know she loves to promote are Quiz Clothing and Lounge Underwear.

This girl is always colour coordinated and we can’t help but admire her natural beauty, especially that sun-kissed glow. We don’t blame her for not wanting to pile on a full face of makeup when living in super hot Australia and to be honest, she just doesn’t need it. We can only dream to look this good without a little bit of help from somewhere!

What are her fave drinks and foods to snack on?

We’re afraid that Abby doesn’t do much snacking, but she does love to indulge in a fancy meal or fruity cocktail every now and again. She loves mixing granola with fruit and yogurt in the mornings and when she’s chillaxing on the beach she keeps hydrated with real coconut water. How insta-worthy right?

We are majorly crushing on her because her life looks like one big summer magazine editorial. Is this really real? Of course, and to top it all off we found out that she is an animal lover.

Cats, cats, and more cats, no matter how wild Abby is obsessed! Who wouldn’t want to spend their chill out time petting adorable tiger cubs… we sure would!

She also loves to hang out at Avista Hideaway Resort and Spa in Thailand and she has visited Bali in the past. We strongly recommend both places to visit because they’re absolutely stunning! If you’re looking to boost your Instagram following, visiting these cool hangouts are definitely a starting point. If Abby can do it, so can you!

Abby Dowse may have one sexy little figure but she sure knows how to pull off classy and elegant looks too. Her style is so diverse and she really does let her clothes and accessories take the lead. This fitness junkie is definitely one to keep an eye on, so, we’ll update you with everything you need to know.

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