Anna Litvanova: Modelling WITHOUT Makeup!

Posted on Aug 1 2017 - 8:40am by Mia Gardner

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Anna Litvanova is an amazing Russian model who works with cool underground clothing brands on her social media. In fact, she makes her living through brand collaborations and promoting the products she loves. In addition to this, she gets to travel the world, following her dreams looking gorgeous as always. Above all, this model chooses not to wear makeup because she thinks natural beauty is most important! That’s right, Anna is a makeup-less model.

Anna Litvanova Looking Hot in New York

Cr: Instagram @anyalitva

Anna Litvanova, how could you possibly look that gorgeous without makeup?

This Russian beauty enjoys being a role model to her 160k Instagram followers. She loves promoting the message that she is confident in her own skin. Consequently, she tells her fans that all they need is a slight sun tan to achieve that healthy sun-kissed glow.

All Anna recommends is the use of a little SPF to protect the skin and then let those rosy cheeks shine through! We are incredibly jealous that this girl struts around the world make up free with no worries at all. She also isn’t that interested in hair styling products because they manipulate her hair too much. Thumbs up to this chick all for being au naturel!

Does she diet or exercise?

Anna lives by her signature three golden rules of keeping fit, eating healthily and being in a good mood. We can see that she enjoys travelling the world, wherever her work takes her and she always looks absolutely flawless. First and foremost her skin is always glowing and her figure is unreal! In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said that she steers clear from carbs, she prefers meat to fish and vegetables over fruit.

Anna posing on the beach

She understands that her fans have issues and struggles with dieting or losing weight so she uses Instagram to motivate them. To do this, she showcases the glamorous life she is able to live due to her amazing model-worthy body that she has achieved through her own hard work.

Whether she’s roaming around Paris, bathing in Italy or strutting her stuff in New York, she always looks hot! On the days she takes for herself to have time off the crazy modelling industry she enjoys hiking and taking in the world’s nature.

However, this girl loves what she does and has proved that she will work hard to get what she wants. In the meantime, we are super happy for her and all she has achieved. Not wearing makeup in the modelling industry is something truly impressive. We know this because of how high those artificial standards of beauty are in the fashion world!

Fashion: Anna Litvanova’s Personal Style

With all things considered, of course, we would expect Anna to have an uber cool sense of fashion! She never fails to surprise us with the sexy yet elegant vibes she portrays in her Insta-snaps, some of which are truly breathtaking! From incredible silk dresses to cheeky leather pieces, she is always at the top of her game with her dress sense.

When she’s not jetting off around the world to go on vacay, she takes time off to recharge. However, she is always working on new projects. She recently collaborated with friend and fashion designer, Alexander Terekhov, to promote his newest designs… how exciting?!

We can’t wait to see more from this Russian fashion princess, we’ll be the first to fill you in.

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