How Bosnian beauty Ana Jovanovic is making motherhood sexy

Posted on Jul 29 2017 - 8:11am by Mia Gardner

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Ana Jovanovic has got us questioning whether or not her children are real because her astonishing figure looks completely untouched! This super hot mummy-of-three is killing it with the incredible lifestyle she has built for her family.

Firstly, get ready to take some notes because you will be astonished. Deep breaths, you are about to see some amazing vacay spots, clothing items and family pics to swoon over!

Ana sunbathing effortlessly

Ana’s Instagram is truly amazing but can we just take a moment to appreciate her mental hourglass figure. How, just how?! This Bosnian beauty gets to travel the world with her hubby and their three children whilst promoting international fashion brands at the same time. Her fabulous work ethic means that she is pretty much always up to something and it is even better than she can take her loved ones with her.

Over the summer so far, we have seen her travel to some of the world’s most luxurious resorts in style. Of course, we’d expect nothing less from this fiery fashionista. Ana is sending out positive feel-good vibes to her 59k Instagram fan-base because she is always keeping fit and eating well even when she goes abroad. Ladies now could be the time to draw some inspiration because if not you’ll definitely be feeling guilty at least!

That’s right, this girl has given birth to three children and still looks absolutely stunning, it’s just not fair! However, she works hard for what she wants. She also encourages her followers to do the same as she is always giving out advice. ‘Skip the diet, just eat healthily. Be stronger than your excuses. Your only limit is you.’ are some of the quotes she lives by to keep her motivated to live life to the full. In the gorgeous pics above we see her promoting.

In the gorgeous pics above we see her promoting Doll House, Leommi Swimwear and AnDress Design. These are just a few of the brands’ clothes she gets to travel the world showing off to all of us, her majorly jealous fans.

Warning: Major guilt trip. Pictured above, we see Ana hanging out with two of her besties who are also mummies to some gorgeous children. Have you ever seen parents looking this flawless and fashionable? Nope, didn’t think so. We could only pray to look this good especially whilst being 7 months pregnant! This girl never stops.

Now it’s time to explore a couple of Ana’s fave exquisite hotels and spas.

Miraggio Thermal Spa view

First up is Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort located in Greece surrounded by beautiful tropic grounds and waters. Ana has spent a lot of her time here, and it comes as no surprise because this place is breathtaking! This must be a ‘selfie’ Grecian hotspot for sure.

With a menu full of delicious food and cocktails to choose from, we can see why Ana can’t resist but spend her time lapping up the sun and posing on her Insta to promote those clothing brands she just can’t live without! Next up, the second favourite vacation spot of hers is the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, also located in Greece.

Nikki Beach Resort and Spa Room

Nikki Beach Resort View

Ana has an amazing taste of the best locations where she can relax and enjoy family time as and when she can. The Nikki Beach Resort is definitely a more intimate and deluxe hotel with mind-blowing views of the Meditteranean sea and the little islands surrounding it.

The life Ana Jovanovic has created is so fabulous we can barely believe it. How does someone grow from having a few followers on social media to becoming the ultimate jet-setter and travelling the world with a beautiful family? Not to mention, a lush wardrobe full of clothes, shoes and glam accessories. This yummy mummy is truly outstanding!

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