Kardashians: Product launches, family feuds & more babies?

Posted on Jul 27 2017 - 8:23am by Mia Gardner

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In a world full of dreams-turned-realities, the Kardashians are always at the top of their game. We’ve got all the latest gossip for you on these gorgeous girls, so sit back, relax and watch it all unravel! Product launches, family feuds, and radioactive romances are fast becoming a regular occurrence. Despite their huge success, they can’t help but always find themselves at the forefront of the drama. Or could they, if they tried?


Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West

Cr: Instagram @kimkardashian

First up is the most successful sister of them all with a reported net worth of £48 million and that’s without hubby Kanye’s assets in the mix. She recently kick-started her new brand: ‘KKW’ cosmetics. After winning over practically the whole beauty YouTube community, could she become a potential threat to other makeup companies out there… maybe even her lil’ sis Kylie?

Although fans have been complaining at the lack of product in the contour sticks and the limited colour range. Not too bad for her first shot at cosmetics though, right? Once Paris Hilton’s assistant, now an influential reality-tv star making millions – oh Kim, how did you do it?! That ‘taboo’ tape with Ray J sure did work its magic but could this sister have built such an amazing life on her own?

Kimberly juggles being a married mother-of-two and being an infamous celeb. With a manic yet prosperous life she has built for herself, she still finds the time to update her fans on social media, attend all the latest events and rub shoulders with fashion designers and stylists on the daily. We can only imagine.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

Cr: Instagram @khloekardashian

Our gorgeous NBA-Player-Slayer is slowly but surely coming back from the devastation of her unfortunate relationship ending with ex-husband Lamar Odom and she has never looked better! We’ve always been fixated on Khloe K’s love life and we’ve been rooting for her to find the perfect man from day one. Basketballer, Tristan Thompson, is currently taking on that challenge. You better treat our girl right!

Khloe and Tristan

In this case, as one door opens, ten doors close for Khloe. We all know what has been going on with Rob’s ‘revenge nude pics’ of Blac Chyna (for her allegedly cheating and involving herself with drugs) and Khloe hasn’t been looking too happy recently with the news. As a strong female figure, she is utterly disgraced and ashamed. However, she has become exercise-driven and career-focused.

With the success of her Good American collab, the support of her best friends and the love of her family, she is powering through the controversy. You go girl! Take note: It’s obvious Khloe’s got a soft spot for the little ones, could babies be on the cards for her and Tristan?

Kourtney Kardashian

Natural Kourtney Kardashian

Cr: Instagram @kourtneykardash

This Armenian babe is the oldest of the sisters although she certainly doesn’t look it! After the final failure of her relationship with father-of-her-children, Scott Disick, she is back on track for her journey to embracing life again. Kourtney looks as if she is finally moving on with pro-boxer, Younes Benjima.

Kourtney and Younes

Photo Credit: Hollywood life

But is he ready for the ultimate family life or is it just a whirlwind romance? This yummy-mummy has always been fairly reserved when it comes to advertising her life so could Younes be the one?

This fiery Kardashian sister has pretty high standards and a long list of people awaiting to approve a new man. There’s bound to be plenty of eligible bachelors out there, right? Let the battle commence!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Cr: Instagram @kyliejenner

She may be lacking in age but she sure isn’t lacking in anything else! This stunning, cosmetic creator and social media phenomenon is just 19-years-old and has a net worth of £16 mill. The cosmetic surgery rumours are old news but her controversial makeup and clothing lines are racking up the drama!

Her ‘Summer Vacation’ collection has been one of the most successful beauty ventures as of yet. However, she has recently been accused of stealing designs from an underground fashion brand who supplied her with an endless range of camo two-pieces in hope of some free publicity.

She reportedly wore them without publicly giving credit and then dubbed them for her own brand. Oops. Her recent collab with Rob, also couldn’t have been released at a weirder time. With the recent ‘Chyna drama’, something just didn’t feel right… #awkward!

Despite everything, Kylie is our #PowerCrush because she will stop at nothing to build her brand! We know a female boss when we see one. Celebrity friendships, uber-fancy sports cars, and Hollywood mansions are just a few aspects of her luxurious, self-made life. Oh, and not to mention her insta-worthy romances. After the recent split from Tyga, she seems to be moving on with fellow rapper Travis Scott! We wonder if she has a type, hmm.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Cr: Instagram @kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner spends her time working on her modelling career and keeping her head held high. She has the ultimate ‘catwalk poker face’ and doesn’t let any of her family’s drama bring her down! After the recent failure of the Pepsi ad, she has reportedly been keeping a low profile. Eek! We don’t blame her.

She is forever pushing fashion-boundaries, vacating with family and enjoying flings with hotties for her fans to gush over. ASAP Rocky is her most recent conquest but will it last or fade away? This sister has a passion for what she does and is always working on top-secret projects with the best designers and celebs out there. How exciting!

Kardashian and Jenner

The Kardashian Sisters are some of the most iconic symbols of ‘My Life in Selfie’. Do you think you’d have what it takes to make it to the top, no matter how ruthless you’d need to be to get there? If they can do it, so can you.


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