The super cool female DJ’ing Duo on #InstaLife: The Khadra Twins

Posted on Jul 26 2017 - 8:32am by Nikola Skurcoňáková

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Who are the twins DJ’ing the hottest parties while becoming the new ‘IT sisters’? Simi and Haze a.k.a the Khadra twins.

These Saudi-born Palestinian identical twins went to school together. Naturally. But they share a unique passion. DJ’ing.  This passion has not only brought them closer but has also increased their Instagram followers to around 507 thousand fans.

They were first spotted at the age of 14 at the Paris couture shows wearing matching outfits. You can still see them wearing the same styles even when they don’t intend to.

The Khadra twins first made a grand entrance into the fashion world when they started scouting for their mom’s store at various Fashion Week’s in 2008 at the age of 15. Gosh! When I think of myself at that age, I know that the fashion decisions I made were definitely not worth it!

Simi and Haze moved to Los Angeles where they both majored in Film Production and Fine Art at the University of Southern California. But they weren’t your normal university students.

During their studies, the Khadra twins were kept busy with their travelling schedule that was filled with DJ’ing gigs, modelling, fashion weeks and of course, ‘IT girl’ duties. They never attended any parties on campus but can you blame them?

I would rather go to a party in a luxurious location wearing Chanel and looking glamorous. As opposed to sipping cheap Vodka in a club and then having to wait an hour for a taxi. While finishing up their finals, the twins were DJ’ing at Coachella with their celebrity friends.

Let’s be honest. Most of us would rather do that than cry and eat hundreds of buckets of ice cream while trying to finish that all important dissertation! Am I right? Their unique style could be seen even at their graduation when they wore Chanel combat boots under their gowns with a yellow silk top and jean shorts.

So how would the Khadra twins describe their style? A little more dressed-up with a tomboyish/punk approach. When looking at their Instagram account, we can see that their personal styles are not the same. Haze loves a mixture of the 40’s with hints of punk, gothic and a little dress-up. She is also influenced by the 90’s London punk as well as the Spice Girls.

Simi, on the other hand, loves the 70’s.

They love all types of music but their favourites are Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu or Kehlani.

Let’s talk the Khadra twins headlining at Coachella. Not only did they DJ in style, but were also papped flying around in a helicopter with their besties Kylie, Kendall and Bella. Isn’t that the ultimate girl squad that we all want to hang out with?

Last year, when Canada Goose – the puffer coat loved by all stylish celebrities – launched their first pop-up shop during the Sundance Film Festival, the chic duo were called to DJ the opening night party. Well, who else is there?

When you want to host the coolest party, you go with the Khadra twins.


If you are not sold on how big these twins are getting, let’s look through some of their most iconic Instagram moments:

If you follow these fabulous twins, you’ve probably noticed that not only do they wear Chanel a lot; they have quite few pictures with the one and only Karl Lagerfeld. They tend to say that he’s the one designer they can’t live without. The Khadra twins believe that his designs can improve any look even if it’s just the lipstick. We totally agree!

When in Japan,  their style was so edgy and effortlessly as it was inspired by their new surroundings.

But the Khadra twins are not the only ones in their family doing it for themselves. it’s important to mention their celebrity brother Fai who is a singer  I mean, there must be a good-looking gene that runs in the family! Take a look at him. He once dated the beautiful Victoria Secret model Devon Windsor. Enough said.

Since graduating from Film Production and Fine Art in LA, their next step is producing. So we’ll definitely hear more about them soon.

Photo credit: @simihaze

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