Stello: How-to break the rules but keep the glamour

Posted on Jul 24 2017 - 8:30am by Hazel T

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Have you heard of Stello?

Known as Stello, the brand showcased the creator’s determination to bring originality into the limelight by having all gowns designed and handcrafted in his Los Angeles studio.

The original fan of Stello: Beyoncé

It all started on the night of January 26, 2014. This is when Beyonce brought home three Grammy awards and wore a white floor length lace gown which was believed to be one of the most iconic dresses in the event’s history and the rest is history.



Everyone else wanted to feel and look as incredible as she did on that night. All due to Stello. Meghan Trainor, Tamar Braxton, Alicia Keys, Renee Olstead, Dorith Mous, and many others all wanted such a classic piece of clothing in their wardrobes.



Going Gaga for Stello

His dresses can transform you into any character or mirage you want to be for that night. This is how Lady Gaga did it. She made an unexpected TV appearance in American Horror Story as The Countess. It is no surprise as to why this outfit gained a Primetime Emmy Award within the Outstanding Costumes category for a contemporary series.

But we cannot forget the original fan of Stello. Queen Bey came back again this year, to show off her baby bump. This time in a customised fiery red which blended seamlessly with her curves. This was at the Tina Lawson’s inaugural wearable art gala.

Where did Stello begin?

So who is Stello? This is Michael Costello and he needs to be credited for all these eyeballing moments.

He was a Project Runway contestant on the 8th season. Although he clenched the third runner up spot, he won a steady fan base quickly.

Costello started a ready-to-wear brand known as MT Costello before reworking it into a made-to-order namesake collection.

The Stello brand: Breaking the boundaries of glamour

It is youthful yet sensual brand. It’s unconventional yet luxurious style as seemed is clear from its motto which is “Breaking the rules and raising the bar”.

This can be seen from its Spring/Summer 2016 Hotel California collection which outwardly mocked the unspoken side of Hollywood.

Here a model was seen on the catwalk alongside a Chihuahua to parody Paris Hilton. Another was with a short skirt in red fish-scale lace, a golden metallic bra top complete with a“Make America Great Again” tracker cap which is so familiar to most of us.

The next Fall/Winter 2016 Yuki-Onna collection was a culture meets fashion feast. Here a model bumped up her hair with chopsticks and paraded down the runway in Asian inspired elegance made up of oriental floral prints, mermaid style dresses and swingy bell sleeves. Simply decadent.

The recent Spring/Summer 2017 Hollowed Fangs collection was a joint effort between Michael Costello and Viktor Luna. This continued the brand’s tradition of having plunging necklines and high slits.

This was done using a spectrum of diva colours and edgy to smooth textures which aimed to capture every one of our senses. And we can definitely say that it did!

What comes as a surprise is that, in spite of all the glamour and celebrity endorsements, most Stello gowns are tagged below US$3000 (estimate 2400 pounds). This means that Stello is extremely purse-friendly for celebrities who would like to have a taste of glamour without breaking the bank.

It also shows us that as women, it is OK to be unconventional. You do not have to follow the crowd to be part of it. And if you just happened to be looking slightly as glamorous in your own choice of attire, where would you go if you cannot grace the red carpet like the stars?

Bel Canto near Hyde Park pops into our minds. You don’t have to sing for your supper but apparently, you can expect waiters to sing opera classics to you while they deliver your meal.

Who said you need to look like a diva to feel like one?


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