Nicki Minaj and her Men: Who is next in line to date the queen?

Posted on Jul 19 2017 - 1:50pm by Mia Gardner

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Nicki Minaj, Queen to a whole ‘Kingdom’ of fans, has once again been proven unlucky in love. The 34-year-old ‘Anaconda’ rapper has found herself in another love triangle and this time it’s between Nas and Meek Mill. She just can’t seem to catch a break!

Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj’s Ex: Love and War

Fear not, Nicki sure knows how to fire back at anyone that crosses her. We learned this from her ex-boyfriend of 12 years, Safaree Samuels. It wasn’t that long ago when he decided to spill the ‘tea’ on their long-term relationship in one of his songs.

He suggested that she took him for granted, cheated on him and even used drugs.  Nicki chose an easy yet effective way to respond to this. You guessed it: ‘A Twitter Rant’. Nicki consoled her 20 million followers with a ‘bigger person’-worthy chain of tweets to deny the claims and put him in his place. She has also ranted about Meek and is not afraid to fire back at any Exes that has done her wrong.

We know Nicki has dated Safaree, Meek, and now Nas potentially in the past. She has also been linked romantically to Future, Drake and the Game- Although these rumours could be pure gossip! I’m sure everyone wants to know when this Rap Queen find her King?

It goes without saying that American rappers are very much her typical yet unsuccessful type; could it be time to experiment with someone new?


Our fiery female boss needs a man to take control and keep up with her fast-paced, glamorous lifestyle. But who could fit the bill? Look no further, we have come up with the ultimate fan-conspiracy hot list of eligible guys that could be perfect for her.

We’ve thrown in a couple that maybe aren’t her usual type but it’s clear that it’s time for our Trinidadian babe to try something new!

Who’s next in line?

James Franco

Age: 39

Eligible, why?: James has a wild side just like Nicki. We saw his epic bad-boy side in his character as a drug dealer and aspiring rap artist in his film Spring Breakers. The pair actually collaborated to promote the MTV VMA’s not so long ago in a hilarious interview about her ‘Superb-A$$’. With similar work ethics and luxurious lives, could they be a perfect match?

Ex’s: Sienna Miller, Amanda Seyfried and Lana Del Ray

Zac Efron

Age: 29

Eligible, why?: Rumours revealed that Zac and Nicki had a steamy Hollywood hotel hookup back in 2013. True or not, the pair would make a stunning couple with their crazy personalities and good looks. With Zac rising in the comedy film industry and Nicki having had a couple of cameo roles, they could find themselves working together one day! Could a romantic relationship between the two be on the cards?

Ex’s: Lily Collins, Vanessa Hudgens and Sami Miro

Travis Scott

Age: 25

Eligible, why?: In the Winter 2016 issue of XXL Magazine, Travis said that he’d like to work with Nicki as he thinks she’s great rap artist. They’ve both got the ‘boss’ status in their music industry, if they teamed up they could make some great tracks together which could spark up a romance. However, there are rumours that he’s dating Kylie, but you could they just be close friends?

Ex’s: Reportedly dated Kylie and Rihanna.

Lil Wayne

Age: 34

Eligible, why?: The American hip-hop artist and Nicki have been friends for eight years but could a romance be up for grabs? They’ve already made records in music but their tight friendship could mould into something a little raunchier. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. and Onika Tanya Maraj – a couple that wouldn’t lack originality in the ‘cool full names’ department that’s for sure!

Ex’s: Dhea Sodano, Lauren London and Antonia Carter.

Bachelors, remember: Nicki has an ultra-busy life schedule! With worldwide music tours, award ceremonies, and amazing celebrity after parties, Nicki needs a man willing to take on the challenge. Many of her fans were once into the idea of her having a possible romance with Drake but it just hasn’t happened. They’ve had plenty of break-ups and make-ups as friends as it is, therefore, a relationship could be toxic! Not to mention, they’re on the same record label… #awkward territory.Beautiful Nicki

We can’t wait for Nicki to crown her next man and we’re hoping the next one will be the real deal. Our top tips for her future King are: remain loyal at all times, be prepared to back your girl in a classic viral feud or two and treat her like your Queen.

Who is next for Nicki? We’ll keep you updated!

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