Deliciously Strong: Ella Woodward on learning to overcome adversity

Posted on Jul 14 2017 - 8:36am by Samantha Robinson

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These days the power of social media is helping to transform lives in many ways. There are people who have used it as a means to meet the one and those who have harnessed its power to forge an entire career for themselves.  One of our social inspirations who’s done just that is blogger and entrepreneur Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella.

Sometimes life is all about taking big risks even if the odds are technically stacked against you. So whether you’re looking to change career or date somebody who’s not usually your type, remember that great success often prevails in the face of adversity. No matter how scary taking the plunge may seem!

Ella Woodward

Blogging on what you know

Ella Woodward was diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome back in 2011, an illness which made her autonomic nervous system struggle to function properly. As a result of this, she started her now infamous healthy eating blog.


She gave up processed food and developed recipes involving whole-foods and plant based items that actually looked appetising. No soggy salads here! Think energy balls, acai bowls, and even homemade almond milk. All of which were documented on her blog and eventually the lifestyle change enabled her to come off her medication. It also goes without saying that the blog served as a positive outlet helping to maintain her mental health throughout the process. Her mission to make vegetables cool has amassed a cult following with her accompanying Instagram channel now boosting a cool 1.1 million followers.


How blogging led to book deals

Think that’s it? Better think again. The success of her blog has opened a window of other amazing opportunities for her. Hello book deal! So far she’s launched three cookery books featuring the delicious recipes from her blog. That also includes the fast ever selling debut cookery book. See exactly how with dedication, hard work and a splash of luck that social media can help you to change your life for the positive?



Relationships can work with a busy work life

So, when your business is booming your personal life in terms of relationships must be suffering, right? Wrong!

Ella Woodward is also living proof that whirlwind romances are a thing and most definitely last. She moved in with her now husband Matthew Mills after only two weeks of dating, and got engaged after just four months! An envious wedding in the luxurious Mustique and one beautiful spaniel later, she’ll be eternally grateful to her Dad for introducing him to her.

And the wedding dress? Jenny Packham, of course! Teamed with a simple veil, drop earrings and natural make-up. The perfect accent to the idyllic backdrop surrounded by her close family and friends.

Society teaches us to get to know each other first but Ella proves that if you feel like you’ve met the one, then time means nothing, it’ll still work. We can only guess that her family and friends had their reservations but clearly they needn’t have worried.

Ella Woodward

All of that envious romance aside, the pair are already becoming quite the power couple. Together they have worked to expand Ella’s business even further with the introduction of three brick and mortar healthy delis, and selling her signature energy balls in stores such as Selfridges.

Not bad thinking that her journey started out as a simple blog. It’s definitely inspirational for anybody who’s feeling unsettled and wanting to improve their circumstances.

Friendships that last a lifetime

And no dream life is complete without the perfect friendship group, and obviously, Ella Woodward has her close like-minded girlfriends to hand. These come in the form of Yoga Teacher Annie Clarke of @mind_body_bowl who has 89.4 K Instagram followers, and of course her own book deal.

Also frequently popping up on Ella’s feed is Olivia Wollenberg of @livias_kitchen who has 106K of her own Instagram followers! This cool entrepreneur makes indulgent natural yet tasty treats which are free from gluten and diary, and just like Ella, she sells certain bakes in selected stores. We wonder who decides to cook at their get togethers? That’d be one delicious party!

Ella Woodward

Effortless Style

And finally, we know that Ella Woodward’s goal is to inspire a healthy lifestyle but we can’t end this piece without paying a nod to Ella’s style. Effortlessly refined, a tailored trouser and simple shirt of sweater are her staples. She’s not in the least try hard and it most definitely works. She’s often posting Selfies from her tropical getaways, looking relaxed and stylish in simple kaftans.

How does she make holiday styling look so easy?

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