Lily Collins the success story: No shame, No regrets, Just me.

Posted on Jul 6 2017 - 9:00am by Franki A

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Lily Collins has achieved so much at 28.  Some might say that she has it easy by being the daughter of musician Phil Collins and actress Jill Tavelman. But her social media presence show’s us how she has steered away from any major professional influence from her parents. By this, Lily has crafted her own personality and independence.

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Here are 9 ways that she adds this personality and independence to her social media presence:

Lily The Daughter

The relationship and influence that flows between Lily and her mother, is a strong bond that has carried over into her desires and standards.

She considers her mum to be an independent woman who has taught her about self-worth and female empowerment.


We love how this maternal relationship has shown her that she can be independent and need someone at the same time. I feel that as woman, we can sometimes miss this point growing up. We can have the best of both worlds.

Don’t they look simply adorable?

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Cr: Instagram @LilyJCollins

Like her character in Stuck In Love, Lily is learning that vulnerability enhances strength.

Lily The Human

Through her work in the film industry, she was able to open up about certain struggles that may have accompanied her in life.


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To The Bone, is Lily’s next up-and-coming film, with its focus on anorexia. This is a sensitive topic to her due to her own battle with anorexia. 

The film has already received a lot of controversy due to its subject matter. Some are complaining about it being ‘romanticised’ when they could focus on it being the first feature film about anorexia.

This is a consequence for most mental disorders; you may be helping one person but hurting another. If there’s a chance you can help anyone, then you must be willing to take the risk. That is exactly what everyone on board this project has done.

The film is now available to watch on Netflix as of July 14th.

On May 16th, Lily was honoured by Project Heal, for her work in ‘To The Bone’ .

She moves me in all of her movies. By having such a personal subject line for both me, her and many other people is such a scary yet inspirational move. I personally cannot wait to see this movie.

There will always be people having different opinions on everything and anything. It is important to never let those bring you down or taint you perspective.

Lily The Joker

Who says a girl can’t have fun while she is working? Whether it is before an interview, while on the catwalk or while hanging out with friends, Lilly shows us that even celebrities chill out and have fun. Occasionally.

Lily The Advocate

As well as speaking up about her prior experience with eating disorders, Lily is an outspoken anti-bullying advocate. In 2014, she became one of the celebrity ambassadors for anti-bullying organisation, Bystander Revolution, founded by author MacKenzie Bezos.

The organisation started in 2014 and it’s main priority is to source practical, crowd-sourced advice about easy tasks people can do to decrease bullying and minimise the extent to which it is at. Alt= Lily

Lily the Author

Lily has written a memoir biography where she shares her life stories and experiences. Tough times and good times. Wrongs and rights.

Following the book, Lily sent a copy to former First Lady, Michelle Obama, to which she RECEIVED A RESPONSE.

She took to social media to share this praise with her supporters.Alt= Lily

Michelle sent a quote she felt complimented the nature of the book and Lily:

“Here’s to strong women, may we know them,

may we be them, may we raise them.”

Lily the Business

By being a well-known actress and model across America and the UK, she grossed an approximate net worth over $3 million USD in 2016.

Now I am not quite sure on how much Lily splurges on clothes but Cartier showered her with an ensemble estimated to have cost almost $30K, allowing her to show off her new gifts at Cartier’s ‘Panthere de Cartier party’.

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Cr: Instagram @LilyJCollins

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Cr: Instagram @Cartierofficial

Lily the social influencer

In April, Lily attended WE Day in America, as a speaker. She shared an excerpt from her motivating speech from WE Day LA on her Instagram, promoting that “all it takes is one person raising their hand or standing up and speaking out for us to realise we are never alone”.

WE is a movement that joins people together and gives opportunities to change and better the world. Today, they have millions of passionate participants consisting of young people, men and women, who are working together to defuse the world from ‘me’ to ‘we’. (Their tagline being; “We are stronger together”.)

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Take Lily’s advice into consideration. If you feel you need someone to be the person to speak up or raise their hand first, stop. The person you want to encourage you, wants you to do the same for them.

Sometimes it pays to take risks. There’s a first for everything. Like the time you stood up first and encouraged others to do so. Spread love, confidence and kindness. We can do this.

Lily The Fashionista

Lily arrived at Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet styled in Johanna Ortiz’ JO SpringSummer17 Collection, wearing a Leticia top and Atacama skirt, accompanied by a high ponytail and a captivating red lip. This was complemented by her iconic signature eyebrows.

Alt= Lily

Alt= Lily

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All glammed up ready to attend the screening of her new film Okja, Lily wore Ralph & Russo accessories paired with a Bulgari diamond necklace. Lily rocks straight hair suited with natural, elegant makeup. We feel that this complete outfit gives off vibes of a Gatsby affair.

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Cr: Instagram @RalphandRusso

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Cr: Instagram @LilyJCollins

We’re sure that we can expect much more from Lily Collins. So, as they say, we are going to continue to watch this space.

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