Chloe Green: once ‘Made in Chelsea’, now ‘Made in Life’

Posted on Jul 4 2017 - 9:15am by Mia Gardner

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Chloe Green has well and truly arrived with a BANG! Our Instagram and Facebook feeds have been taken over by the ultimate ‘it’ girl and billionaire, Sir Phillip Green’s gorgeous daughter. She sure lives a glamorous life. Whether she’s living it up in London, Southern France, or the Mediterranean, she always surrounds herself with family and friends. Mmm… dreamy. More recently, we spotted her on vacay with the stunning Jeremy Meeks. However, she has found herself having to power through the controversy!

Cr: Instagram @chloegreen5

The couple was captured sharing a passionate smooch or two, whilst winding down on a cruise trip around the Mediterranean. So glam, right? The 26-year-old certainly goes for what she wants – good for her! The storm of doubts came along because of the life Jeremy Meeks has chosen to leave behind. But what trumps true love? Has he chosen to leave his perfect family life including his wife of eight years and three children for the beauty we know as Miss Chloe Green?

Cr: FlyNet

Jeremy Meeks, ‘the world’s hottest felon’, fell for the irresistible queen not long after he was released from prison in 2016. Therefore, with a six-figure modelling contract under his belt no wonder he started swimming in the same circles as Chloe – have you seen her?!

The uproar caused by those not supporting the new couple’s risky romance has led to Chloe deleting her Instagram account, but with hundreds of thousands of fans left in the dark – will we see her ‘Insta-return’ anytime soon?

Chloe Green’s #Instalife

Glamorous parties, charity balls and intimate rendezvous with an endless list of celebrity friends. Chloe’s got it all. When a jam-packed and chic lifestyle defines chill-out time to entail cruise ships and trips abroad, it just goes to show that Chloe Green is living the ultimate dream.

Chloe and Robert Cavalli

We can’t help but wonder what it’s like to have a phonebook full of famous friends and her weekly schedule must be insane! Party here, holiday there and a cheeky date in between – how lush?! Chloe spends a lot of her time attending events with familiar faces you’re bound to recognise. We see her with Robin Cavalli, son of the infamous Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli cruising around Cannes – fashionably as always.

Chloe at a charity event

She attends an amazing range of events from charity, to fashion and basketball games. So, is there anywhere Chloe doesn’t go? She has incredible circles of friends ranging from the European royalty babe Victoria Baker Harber, to reality TV stars Jonathan Cheban and Vas J Morgan and supermodels Jasmine Saunders and Zendaya.

Chloe and Jonathon

Chloe Basketball Game

Chloe and Vas J Morgan

Whirlwind Romances

If you’ve been following Chloe Green since the beginning of her rise to fame, you may have seen her face before. She appeared on the reality television program, Made in Chelsea, as the girlfriend of Oliver ‘Ollie’ Locke. Their relationship didn’t last very long; it was more of a whirlwind romance. She was super quiet and cute on the program which is why the fans loved her but she decided to move on to bigger and better things.

Chloe and Ollie Locke

Side note: does Chloe Green prefer an older guy? Because she has had previous potentially romantic encounters with the likes of Marc Anthony (J-Lo’s ex), footballer Jermain Defoe and rapper Wretch 32. Maybe she does!

Family Life

If you haven’t guessed already, Chloe comes from a rather wealthy family. Her father, Sir Phillip Green, has a net worth of four billion pounds. As chairman of the retail company, Arcadia group, this effectively makes Miss Green the ‘Topshop Heiress’. Other companies owned within the family include: Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Outfit.

Chloe and Phillip Green

Cr: Instagram @adelakinglondon

Being surrounded by models, designers, celebrities and her entrepreneurial father, Chloe’s future is as bright as day. She is already making a fabulous life for herself and she officially has all the right contacts to support her with any endeavour. With businesses to inherit and enterprise-worthy skills in her DNA, whatever area Chloe ventures into, her fans are supporting her all the way.Chloe and Jeremy Date

With the love and support of her new bae, Jeremy Meeks, we have no doubts that great things lie ahead for Chloe. The couple’s relationship has already been put to the test, but will it make or break them?

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