Our favourite healthy #SpotOnTrend: London’s Farm Girl Cafe

Posted on Jul 1 2017 - 12:28pm by Samantha Robinson

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So, what’d twist your arm into visiting this cool cafe? Rate 1 for its bright lattes, rate 2 for its healthy rainbow food or rate 3 for its vote Pedro T-shirt.

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These days, who doesn’t reach for their camera phones to snap their meals whilst dining out? It’s as if cafes and restaurants are designing their menus with Instagram in mind, and almost nowhere’s delicious offerings are as Instagramable as London’s Farm Girl Café.

It is based along famous Portobello Road in the heart of Notting Hill and owned by Rose Mann aka Farm girl and Anthony Hood aka Farm Boy. It truly is one of the hottest cafes around right now. Frequented by all of the leading Influencers right through from Fashion to Lifestyle with the obligatory Foodies in-between. Think @ohhcouture with 1.2 million Instagram followers to be precise. Channelling Australian café culture, its menu boasts a feast of brightly coloured healthy eats that are just calling out to be posted on Instagram.

The all day menu starts from £4.50 for toast with macadamia butter and cranberry jam to £11 for berry pancakes. Think a healthy buckwheat mix with amber maple syrup, peppermint, juicy fresh strawberries and a tasty sprinkle of coconut shavings. And be sure to expect a healthy stack of pancakes or a generously filled acai bowl.

If you’re a lover of lattes with health benefits, then Farm Girl Café is for you. They started their journey with simple rose sprinkled lattes and now they offer a cool rainbow of Matcha concoctions. Plus the names are equally as desirable with Hibiscus and Liquid Gold coming into play. It’s hard not to get sucked into buying one purely to fulfil your Instagram needs but who knows which one you’ll like? That’s why they’ve also recently been offering Matcha tasting boards. Perfect for your pics. Perfect for choosing your new go-to.

Rose lattes start at a reasonable £3.60 with Matchas going up to £4.10. Slightly pricier than a Starbucks but you’re supporting an Independent and getting something way more exciting for your Insta feed!

Even its decor is appealing, just look at its pink shabby chic table tops. It’s the kind of place where it’s difficult to put your camera phone down. Just in case you didn’t have enough to share on Instagram however, they also have a resident Frenchie regularly swinging by. Plus, if you ask really nicely, the staff will happily sprinkle a little doodle of him on top of your latte. Now there’s some coffee art which you can’t leave without sharing on Insta!

The original Farm Girl, Rose Mann spent her childhood growing up on an Australian farm but now obviously resides in the city which is London. Her goal is to provide holistic and healthy food in a welcoming environment. Quite the fusion of her countryside meets city style living. If you’re popping along at the weekend, you’ll be feeling very much city as the place is so popular that queues often stretch outdoors. London problems, right?

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