Our #Rising Instagram Star: Everyone’s favourite Friend of a Friend Olivia Perez

Posted on Jun 28 2017 - 12:01pm by Nikola Skurcoňáková

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Meet Olivia, the fashion it-girl who you’ll want in your squad. Fashion influencer, businesswoman and entrepreneur who recently graduated from NYU’s Gallatin Program. In 2015, Olivia founded an online lifestyle magazine called Friend of a Friend and in a short time, amass over 10 thousand Instagram followers, as well as attracting celebrity contributors on her website such as Gigi Hadid, Sofia Richie, Rumi Neely, Patricia Manfield and more while collaborating with huge brands like Topshop, Chanel or SmartWear.

 During the winter NYFW, Olivia along with Topshop hosted an intimate dinner where she invited her friends, family and colleagues to personal shopping appointments at the 5th Avenue Topshop store. The whole space was personalised by a talented florist which was quickly filling up celebrities’ Insta-stories. Some of her celebrity friends included models Puck Loomans, Fred Juneau, Hadid sisters, Ebonee David or Danielle and Gabrielle Prescod. I guess our invite got lost in the post…

Photo Credit: Topshop Blog

If you follow the Hadid sisters, you will probably recognise Olivia as they are close friends. She is roommate with Bella in New York! Their apartment in East Village is bright, comfy and beautiful, of course. I think the whole atmosphere of the apartment goes with her young creative entrepreneur’s spirit, and I’m not only talking about her cool pieces in the closet which she decorated with different fashion books, and most importantly, pizza pillows! Yes, you heard right. pizza pillows! 

Olivia’s flat featured by Coveteur. Photo Credit: @livvperez

Olivia’s flat featured by Coveteur. Photo Credit: @livvperez

Even during her studies before she founded her own magazine, Olivia interned at some great places. She started in Teen Vogue where she was over two semesters (one for entertainment and the second in fashion) and she also met her mentor Liana Weston.

She worked for the Glossier for the last semester and then moved to PR internship at Hermes. After taking a break from school, Olivia worked for Ryan Seacrest’s website and Moda Operandi. Let’s be honest. Every fashionista would kill for internships like this (me included).

The unexpected thing about this young entrepreneur is that she actually works 9-to-5 because she recently started her fashion partnership at Spring (digital shopping destination with over 1500 brands). Olivia is focusing mainly on planning events and branding. I wonder when (or if?) she ever takes a break between networking, working on her Spring partnership and doing IT girls duties. Phew!

Olivia gives her Instagram followers a look at some of her favourite products. She also gives us insights into her fashion adventures, parties, travels and much more.  Recently announcing that she will be in partnership with @fitnyc and @infor to celebrate the winner of their #FashionDesignICONS award.

Galore girls gang. Photo Credit: @livvperez

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic party. Photo Credit: @livvperez

Olivia and Bella wearing Morgan Lane Photo Credit: @livvperez

Olivia and Bella love all things casual, which is obvious from this picture. But these are not just any pyjamas. Oh no! The girls were enjoying their ‘slumber’ party wearing a Morgan Lane silk set. This designer is famous for its lingerie as well as swimwear but mostly nightwear garments which celebrities (like Gigi Hadid) sport even on the street paired with heels. (Price: around £400.)

I guess you can have some really amazing dreams while wearing this luxe pyjamas.  One of the newest designers Olivia introduced to the world is Alexia Elkaim who has created a denim brand called Miaou. The brand’s focus is to create trousers that would be a perfect fit for all and could be worn day or night. The brand was quickly noticed by other fashion IT girls and became the go-to trousers for the day as well as evening outfits. (Price: £250 – £1000.)

Olivia wearing Chanel suit. Photo Credit: @livvperez

Dolce&Gabbana.            Photo Credit: @livvperez

But there’s more. Olivia is no stranger to the glamourous designer brands and this picture says it all! She rocked this cheetah Dolce&Gabbana suit at their “New Vision” party (#DGNewVision) in Los Angeles where D&G invited plenty of young influencers to celebrate the millennials of this upcoming generation. Other notable guests include Zendaya, Pixie Lott, Derek Blasberg, Kristina Bazan, amongst others.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Photo Credit: @ilvvperez

La Mamounia Hotel, Marrakech. Photo Credit: @livvperez

London city guide. Photo Credit: @friendofafriend

We’re excited to see what Olivia does next!

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