SkinnyDip London: The Fashion Accessory Brand for our #girlfriend collection

Posted on Jun 22 2017 - 11:00am by Mia Gardner

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SkinnyDip Lounge

Cr: Instagram @skinnydiplondon

A distinctive fashion accessory brand with designs that ooze creativity. Have you ever wondered where to find those cool phone cases you spot in mirror-selfies on your Instagram feed? There is an infinite supply of them on their website because the creators of SkinnyDip were some of the first to spark the trend!

They began designing mobile accessories not long after the release of iPhones. This fast-moving and reactive brand grew into a hugely successful webstore with products sold in 60 countries worldwide.

SkinnyDip Phone Cases

James Gold, the founder of SkinnyDip London, kept it in the family when he started up the business with his brother and best friend in 2011. They worked hard to produce fun, innovative phone cases and after a big success, they expanded their collection.

In addition, their current product range features: bags, cases, makeup brushes, stationary and headphones – with almost everything, it’s so diverse, we love it! The idea was to incorporate classic styles with fun and interesting visuals to make any accessory stand out.

SkinnyDip Makeup Brushes

SkinnyDip London’s Funky Accessories

This ever-evolving brand is always up-to-date with current trends whether it’s a development in the fashion industry or something going viral online. With a youthful outlook and presence in their work, their fashion decorations are suitable for many ages. Playing with pattern, shape, and colour in their own unique way, lead to them to generating nearly half a million Instagram followers in no time at all.

SkinnyDip Glasses

Bright colours and attention-grabbing graphics give their products gorgeous detail that we can’t help but love. Their stunning designs are so current and imaginative, hence, just looking at them gives you instant fashion inspo. With an endless amount of other accessories to choose from including jewellery, pins and purses, you can spruce up any outfit and it won’t go unnoticed!

SkinnyDip Rings

SkinnyDip Accessories


SkinnyDip are always working on exciting new projects and the pictures and videos of their collections always look absolutely stunning. Major jealousy trigger. We just can’t resist. And we’re not the only ones. CELEB ALERT: Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus are also big fans of the brand. As a result, major influencers are now indulging in their creations too such as Gabriella Lindley. The social media star, formally known as velvetgh0st on YouTube, is always rocking one of their epic phones cases.

They recently collaborated with the infamous hairbrush brand, Tangle Teezer, to create handbag friendly compact style brushes whilst featuring SkinnyDip’s notoriously incredible tropical patterns. This fashion accessory brand is all about incorporating ‘the next big thing’ into their designs whether it’s flamingos, fruit or faux fur with embroidery. You name it, they have it.

A few bold accessories are all you need to kick-start your fashion inspiration for the summer since crazy and cute items like these never go out of style!

Once you have one of their fabulous clutch bags and their funky phone cases, you’ll be armed with the perfect conversation starter! If you and your girlfriends are looking for a trendy hangout spot to meet cute guys and of course to show off your gorgeous clutch bag to try out its appeal. Head to a quirky bar like Simmons Tower Bridge which boasts of cocktails served from adorable teapots. Yes, we said it TEAPOTS! Perhaps, it will help you find a date as kooky and unique as you.


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