#Power Crush: Niamh Cullen; Living Life In The Fab Lane

Posted on Jun 21 2017 - 5:51pm by Natalie M

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Meet Niamh Cullen from Ireland. This Irish lifestyle blogger gained a loyal following of style savvy fashionistas, fitness lovers and beauty addicts through her social media channels and highly successful blog: Behind the Braids.ie

Niamh Cullen is our inspiration who has not disappointed us with updates on her fitness journey, her outfits, hair tutorials as well as her jetsetter lifestyle. Her website is a girl’s best friend as it oozes glamorous images of outfits, beauty and hair products as well as insightful tutorials and tips that show us how we can be just like her.

Credit: Niamh Cullen Instagram

Credit: Niamh Cullen Instagram

Credit: Niamh Cullen

There’s no doubt that her social media numbers are impressive:

Instagram: 54.2k

Twitter: 1,864

Facebook: 7,268

But these figures will not be a surprise to those familiar with her sophisticated style through Instagram. We love Niamh’s off-shoulder, glitzy dress she wore to the SHEmazing Awards ceremony and we also went head-over-heels for her down-to-earth yet chic look for the Kevin Murphy Hair Care event.

Niamh at the SHEmazing Awards Ceremony.
Credit: Niamh Cullen

Niamh on her way to London for the Kevin Murphy Hair Care event
Credit: Niamh Cullen

Niamh and her fellow blogger babe friends pictured in London with Lydia Elise Millen
Credit: Niamh Cullen

So it’s no wonder that recently, Niamh was nominated to win an award for “Most Stylish Online Influencer’ at the  Peter Mark VIP Style Awards, held in Dublin by VIP Magazine.

Credit: VIP Magazine

This star has a very edgy, glamorous yet sophisticated sense of style and never fails to impress when it comes to fashion inspiration.  Niamh definitely isn’t afraid to be daring with her style and there is no doubt as to why she is the one to watch in the fashion stakes.

Credit: Behindthebraids.ie

Credit: Niamh Cullen

What makes her even more unique is that she is not just another fashion inspiration wonder. Niamh Cullen has also built up a following due to her fitness and healthy lifestyle advice.

Numerous videos can be found on Instagram and Snapchat of the fitness bloggers daily routines along with recipes that she enjoys and finds helpful for staying in shape. You can just check out her rock solid abs if you are not a fan so far!

Niamh rocking her beach body in Marbella
Credit: Niamh Cullen

The fact that Niamh has a large following and is often offered work opportunities with various brands, such as Coco Brown, just proves how hardworking and inspirational this young online influencer actually is.

Niamh at the Coco Brown event that she was also ‘The Face’ of the brand in the past
Credit: Niamh Cullen

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Credit: Niamh Cullen Instagram



Credit: Niamh Cullen Instagram


Credit: Niamh Cullen Instagram

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