Travel is… More Than Just the Lord of the Rings

Posted on Feb 16 2018 - 7:44am by Stella M

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the hobbit house

Falling in love with New Zealand, especially for adventurous groups of individuals and solo explorers alike, is so easy. Why? Simply because this Pacific agricultural nation knows exactly how to charm its visitors with its breathtaking views and friendly locals.

scenic New Zealand

New Zealand’s cultural groups who are the indigenous Maoris and European immigrants have welcomed travellers to the scenic spots of their country. They will ensure that your stay in their place is a once in a lifetime experience that embraces its diverse culture.

Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings

Here, you will find many picturesque spots as you tour around its south and north islands. The diversity of its landscape has encouraged tourism especially with the likes of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movie setting. So, when visiting the nation, you should also be prepared for its dynamic Maori culture, world-class skiing and surfing sessions as well as its mammoth national parks. Whether your visit is action-packed or mellow, it will be epic.

traveling to New Zealand

Your trip will be much easier with proper planning. Embrace the Kiwi experience and make sure not to commit any logistical mix-ups or cultural gaffes with the following tips:

  • Avoid walking alone at night, lock up your valuables and learn more about the best places left unexplored.
  • Go to its local i-Sites for brochures, maps and significant details on the locations you are passing through.
  • Plan your activities based on the seasons. Summer months are perfect for greenery and coastline exploration. Get a glimpse of its breathtaking glaciers and best-skiing destinations during winter. Colourful foliage is best viewed during fall when it is temperate.
  • Book your accommodation way ahead of time noting that this nation is a popular tourist destination.
  • Align the transportation mode to your itinerary. The intercity buses here travel through all places such as the Naked Bus and the Mana Bus. Ride on a ferry that regularly departs from Wellington if you go to the South Island.
  • Note the travel times here as distances will greatly vary with its winding roads.
  • Its lush wilderness warns hikers to plan for all possible weather conditions.

at Fiordland National Park

When planning, know the activities and tourist spots in the country then suit them to your interests. Below are some of the things you can do and visit here:

  • The world’s adventure capital Queenstown – Did you know that bungy jumping starts here? It is rare for any visitor to leave this place without trying something that exhilarates his/her heart beat.
  • The majestic Abel Tasman National Park – View the coastal area of the park that blankets the northern end of limestone and marble hills extending from Kahurangi National Park. Apart from the remarkable Great Walk – Coast Track, there are also various tracks here including an inland route.
  • The sublime Milford Sound – This pot of gold situated at the end part of Milford Hwy offers the most photographed Mitre Peak (Rahotu). Mitre Peak is tapered to a cloud-piercing summit that seems divinely sculptured.
  • The dynamic Geothermal Rotorua – Have an introduction to the country here where Maori revered. The traditional hangi and cultural performances here are as big as its landscape attraction.
  • Summer Destination Bay of Islands-  Tourist promotions feature lingering captures of the 150 undeveloped islands’ turquoise waters. They are perfect for kayaking, cruising, big-game fishing, diving, or yachting.
  • Outdoor hub Wanaka – Try an impressive adventure and outdoor options here with a beach feel on sunny days. It remains laid back with the soulful atmosphere at its town centre. Evenings are attractive for tourists with new eateries and some quirky bar establishments.

AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand

natural beauty of the Bay of Islands

magnificent Wanaka

When travelling to New Zealand, make the most out of its unique offerings. Never miss its cuisine and wines, learning the Maori culture, experiencing its wilderness and of course visiting Auckland. So, see you in Auckland then?

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