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Posted on Jan 19 2018 - 7:09am by Stella M

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Why would you want to holiday in Negril?


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You already know that celebrities spend their ‘me’ time in world-renowned spots in the Caribbean.

Negril is just one destination among their favourite spots. It is an island that allows you to visualise long, lazy days at the beach, vivid and lively nights at clubs as well as bars and more importantly, immerses you in a dream within its magical rainforests.  Come and find the perfect rhythm for your holiday on this beautiful island.

The beach waters in Negril offer visitors a perfect shade of blue which is beautifully complemented by its light-coloured sand that gently reflects the bright sun rays. The Beaches Negril Resort & Spa will allow you to enjoy this long stretch of heaven while also boasting of day and night activities for adults and children, beauty and health spas as well as sumptuous menus. Where else could you find nine restaurants on site, each of which offer a different culinary treat?  It also gets celebrity love as it welcomed Disney star Garrett Clayton who enjoyed its heart-pumping watersports. Who else could you spot while you are here?

Being known as the island of love, you might even bump into the love of your life here as it is really easy to get into a romantic mood. You could make your adventure really memorable as you share it with someone you have just met by indulging in a tandem kayak or a horse ride together. If you are looking for romance on your next getaway,  the Beaches Negril Resort & Spa will give you that fantasy. It’s where Ralph Lauren has designed some rooms and has his own villa as he loved Negril’s atmosphere, just like you will. You could also prepare for your destination wedding here while enjoying culinary delicacies such as the local Caribbean spiny lobster.

Hotels around the island are specifically designed to cater for the most relaxing and enjoyable stay for its guests. The low-tech rooms, top-notch spas, and gourmet dining are perhaps the main reasons why celebrities like Lawrence Taylor and Kanye West would not have a second thought to stay some like the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall Resort after their celebrity golf tournament which offers unlimited drinking and dining while enjoying the best of the Caribbean beach with its all-inclusive package. You might be interested in keeping that body of yours while on holiday. With this package, you can build up a (holiday) sweat as you take advantage of its daily fitness classes. And that’s not all. It’s likely that there will always be a live concert somewhere on the beach front whether you are at music hubs like the Roots Bamboo, Fun Holiday Beach, Alfred’s Ocean Palace or Risky Business.

And if you’re thinking of doing something really unique for your next holiday, why not run the Reggae Marathon? Negril is always busy on the first weekend of December preparing for this. Bring your girl friends along so that they can also run along the scenic coastline of the island while watching the sunrise. You’ll be motivated by the live bands and DJs playing Reggae along your route. Fresh coconut water and a dip in the clear blue sea await you at the end of the race.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your things now and start planning for your stylish vacation in Negril, Jamaica.








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